For such a time as this!

Two weeks ago, the Daily monitor quoted a report entitled; Commercial Sex Exploitation of Children in Uganda, published in May, that found out that more teenage girls were engaging in commercial sex, with an estimated 6,000 new recruits in the last five years alone. The report said that the age at which children are engaged in the trade is becoming younger with many getting started at the age of 13 making the trade the biggest conduit to child trafficking.

We as AGI are  putting effort to see that the girls that have dropped out of school are given an alternative. We equip them with vocational skills. for a month now, the girls have been learning life skills, reproductive health, and  with the beginning of August they are now being equipped with vocational skills. Thanks to MAN-UP ( ) for the enormous support they render to  make this  happen.

The girls  are very excited, the room is filled with an aura of  enthusiasm and dedication.  They are determined to learn.

“I am greatly encouraged by these girls,” Barbra commented. Barbra is the tailoring trainer who has just completed her BA Development studies at Makerere Universty but she learned from her mother how to tailor. she is very skilled and can use the sawing machine to design anything you present her with. She is determined to pass on her skill.

We are completely convinced that the lives of these girls will never remain the same again.

This is how it is done!

The rest of the girls surround Betty as she takes her first strides

This is how it is done! The hair braiding trainer takes theh girls through the preliminary stages of hair braiding

You must be focused

Look at this!


Barbra shows off her sewing encyclopaedia


About African Girl Initiative Uganda

Bwaise is a slum area and one of the biggest in Uganda's capital Kampala. It is one of the poorest areas in Kampala, with high rates of HIV and AIDS, very poor sanitation, large number of commercial sex workers, the largest number eats one meal a day. Many girls living in these slums are exposed to a lot of violence and many dropout of school. It's against this background that African Girl Initiative Uganda is carrying out a project that will avail girls in Bwaise skills and also enhance their knowledge on reproductive health and their rights. African Girl Initiative Uganda is affiliated to Man Up, a global youth campaign to stop violence against women. . View all posts by African Girl Initiative Uganda

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