Youth stick their Headzup

Recently, together with a couple  friends, we visited the slums and the notorious ekiombasa to identify with  the people that leave there. At about 1pm on a scotching hot Saturday afternoon, we set off from Kampala town and within five minutes we were in the heart of the slum. We had been given permission by the LC 1 chairman, who allowed us  to clean up the place.  The rubbish was too much and  for a while I did not know how we were ever going to clear it all. Equipped with spades, hoes and brooms, they started the work, there were many teenage prostitutes around the area who at first questioned our motives. I have come to learn that skepticism has become part and parcel of the Ugandans they believe that nothing can be done out of free will.

They thought we were being paid to clean up their area. Most of them thought that we could have been a political party that was campaigning for a candidate. As time went by, they started joining us one by one, soon it was a crowd, we interacted with the girls freely as we swept, we were chatting, they began sharing their experiences and what led them into the trade at a tender age. But the issue that kept coming up is loss of parents and poverty.

We concluded the activity with with popcorn and a speech from the area defense secretary who thanked us for the great work that we had done.

All the young people that participated in the  outreach went back home with a different experience, Agaba peter said that it had been life changing for him, Roland Tibirusya said that it was an unforgettable experience, Martin and Judith Murungi were speechless. As for me  just like everybody else was happy that at least I could help somebody. I know that the youth are  the asset that Uganda has a  population is approximately 33 million, with just over half aged 17 and under, and just under half aged 15-64. The average age is about 15 years, and only 2.4% of people are aged 65 and over.  This is a great force that can bring about a radical change. We have the power to change the nation. to get involved email us on, or call us on +256701532516. we cant wait  to hear from you.

outreach in pictures

Ladies at work

Peter, Mike ( center) and Martin share a light moment

At the end of the day


About African Girl Initiative Uganda

Bwaise is a slum area and one of the biggest in Uganda's capital Kampala. It is one of the poorest areas in Kampala, with high rates of HIV and AIDS, very poor sanitation, large number of commercial sex workers, the largest number eats one meal a day. Many girls living in these slums are exposed to a lot of violence and many dropout of school. It's against this background that African Girl Initiative Uganda is carrying out a project that will avail girls in Bwaise skills and also enhance their knowledge on reproductive health and their rights. African Girl Initiative Uganda is affiliated to Man Up, a global youth campaign to stop violence against women. . View all posts by African Girl Initiative Uganda

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